Ben Simmons Responds to Poor Game 7 Offensive Output

Following the 76ers getting bounced out of the playoffs on Sunday, Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons shouldered the blame for the loss. The Hawks held Simmons under 10 points in four out of the seven games in the conference semifinals, including his five-point showing on Sunday during the crucial Game 7.

“I ain’t shoot well from the line this series,” Simmons said following the Sixers’ 103-96 Game 7 loss to the Atlanta Hawks. “Offensively, I wasn’t there. I didn’t do enough for my teammates. … There’s a lot of things that I need to work on.”

Simmons, who will turn 25 next month and is owed $140.4 million over the next four seasons, admitted there is a mental hurdle he has to overcome.

“The first thing I’m going to do is clear my mind and get my mental right,” he said. “You got to be mentally tough. You can’t take games for granted. Especially in the playoffs. Every game matters. Every possession matters.”


Simmons could use a shooting coach and a shrink.

Some players are made up differently, and Simmons clearly has some issues with his game and his head.

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