Jameis Winston Heading to the Bengals?

Jameis Winston signed a one year deal with the New Orleans Saints prior to the start of the 2020 NFL season. He was happy to sit on the bench and learn from Drew Brees, operating under the assumption that he was the clear number two. Unfortunately for him, Jameis became the 3rd string quarterback, and hasn’t seen much action. So what does the future hold for famous Jameis? Hard to say, but it’s unlikely he’ll stick around in New Orleans.

Might Jameis be headed to the Cincinnati Bengals? NFL insider Adam Schefter said that the Bengals could be a potential landing spot for Winston.

“I’ll give you a place that makes a lot of sense right now— Cincinnati, which will have Joe Burrow coming back, you don’t know if he’ll be ready for the start of the season. Jameis needs to play and impress people, he needs an opportunity, but he needs an opportunity where he might be free after that year…”

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This might be a good short term option for Cincinnati while they wait for Burrow to recover from his ACL Winston could also be a good fit for Pittsburgh. Jameis Winston might just end up like Ryan Fitzpatrick the rest of his career, moving from team to team.


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