Jackson Mahomes Posts Two Separate TikTok’s Screaming Over Chiefs Win

Jackson Mahomes is back at it.

Patrick Mahomes younger brother, 21-year-old Jackson Mahomes, has become quite the pseudo celebrity.

What started out as a frivolous, sometimes amusing TikTok career has turned into a sometimes controversial path for Mahomes brother.

Following the huge Chiefs playoff win against the Bills, Jackson Mahomes filmed his sister-in-law spraying champagne on the crowd.

Shortly after, he posted some new TikToks of his own, screaming into the camera, and pretty much gloating over the Chiefs win.

See Jackson’s TikTok’s below:

@jacksonmahomesJust like that chiefs DUB♬ original sound – jacksonmahomes

@jacksonmahomesHow bout them chiefsssss♬ Oui – God is good

It’s a shame how the internet has completely turned against the Chiefs.

Can’t blame anyone for feeling a certain type of way about Jackson Mahomes.

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