Chicago Bulls Fans Think They Have Found Former Coach Jim Boylen’s Burner Account On Twitter

Jim Boylen was one of the biggest laughingstocks in Chicago sports history, and that’s saying something. The ex coach was widely considered a complete mess, and it was no secret that the Bulls’ young players just didn’t like the guy very much.

Needless to say, it has been a breathe of fresh air for fans and players to see the culture change that has occurred with the arrival of new coach Billy Donovan.

However, one new Twitter account has really taken it upon themself to be a stan for Jim Boylen. Check out some of the things an account that goes by “bulls suck” has said to support Boylen.

Many fans are thinking that the man behind “bulls suck” has to be Jim Boylen. I mean who else would go through such lengths to stand up for THAT GUY?

Sideaction’s Latest:

Since getting fired as Bulls head coach, Jim Boylen has had a tough time landing another job. He did work with the Trail Blazers as a defensive consultant (whatever that means) during training camp, but that wasn’t a long term gig.

Is it possible that Jim Boylen has used his free time to create burner accounts to troll Bulls nation? Probably not, but that won’t stop Bulls fans from speculating.

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