Charles Barkley Is Already Fueling The MJ Vs. LeBron GOAT Debate In The Event That The Lakers Win The Championship

The MJ vs. LeBron GOAT debate will rage on forever and always.

After LeBron hit a ridiculous 30-foot game-winner in the play-in game against the Warriors, people everywhere marveled at his greatness, but have also started to look ahead to what may be in store for the rest of the playoffs.

Mainly, people are curious to see if a 36-year-old LeBron James can still carry a team on his back for a championship. Because it’s likely that the Lakers would need it.


Even Charles Barkley is weighing in on what it would mean for LeBron’s legacy is he wins another trophy this season. The TNT analyst thinks a ring this season, and LeBron might just pass Michael Jordan as the best to ever do it.

So here we go again…is it even worth it to compare resumes? Sure, why not.

LeBron James has played in nine of the past 10 NBA finals, winning four of them. He ranks third in the league’s all-time scoring list, but that’ll probably change before some of the younger guys in the league right now are finished. He’s eighth on the all-time assists list, fourth in all-time PPG, has four MVPs and also four Finals MVPs.

MJ obviously has more championships with six. He also ranks higher in average PPG. Jordan has five MVPs, six Finals MVPs, and one defensive player of the year. Jordan doesn’t have the same assist numbers as LeBron, but is slightly superior in the scoring department.

Would a championship this season be the final straw that take LeBron over MJ? I’m not sure most fans will see it that way.

The LeBron vs. MJ debate will probably just continue forever with no clear answer. Maybe we can just enjoy the unbelievable careers both guys had?

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