Zach Wilson’s Mom Is At It Again

Lisa Wilson, the mom of New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson, has really made a name for herself after the NFL Draft. Originally, she made waves when people thought she looked good during the draft.

Well, she really took the attention and ran with it.

Lisa Wilson went on to share a bunch of her views and rants on Instagram, including mocking Disney World over their mask policy.


Zach Wilson’s mom would turn her Instagram to private after all the negative attention, but she still has some messages for people who come at her.

When someone sent Lisa a dm saying she was a ‘psycho’ and “no wonder Zach moved to NY far away from you,” Lisa had to respond.

“I just can’t imagine being so unhappy in my own life that I would reach out to a complete stranger and send a toxic message like this,” Lisa said. “Praying for you sweet girl.”

While Lisa is probably in the right with this whole interaction, I wonder if Zach Wilson told her to take it easy on the Instagram. He probably wants to let his game speak for itself, and he hasn’t even taken a snap yet.

If Lisa Wilson isn’t careful, the New York media will come at her hard.

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