Bubble Trouble? IG Models & “Food” Delivery Guys Already Penetrating NBA’s Perimeter

In news that should shock absolutely none of us, the fault tolerances in place within the NBA’s bubble are already being tested in hilarious ways. And we’re only on Day 4.

Sunday afternoon, an Instagram model, Ana Maya, tweeted to the world that she had already been illicitly invited into the secure perimeter of the NBA’s bubble. She neither names the player nor mentions whether she knows any other personalities who have received similar invitations, but let’s be honest about the odds of her being the only one.

Players and internet detectives were quick to work on figuring out who the player in question was, with the Magic’s Mo Bamba pushing forward a popular theory and either accusing or congratulating Jazz star Donovan Mitchell.

Maya would go on to say that she had “gotten into trouble” for her post responding to Bamba that she “wishes it were (Mitchell)” Who she answers to in this situation that she could possibly have gotten into trouble with is unclear. Does the NBA have an office dedicated to management of Instagram models, stalkers and other hangers-on?

Can we really blame the woman for doing her job? She’s just one of the lucky ones who gets to combine her career with her passion, she’s obviously a very big NBA fan as her pinned tweet from February displays.


On Monday, the NBA announced that two players had tested positive for Covid-19 while inside the bubble, but that neither player had exited the initial quarantine period yet. Both players were removed from the bubble and are isolating for 10 days.

It’s unclear if these two players included Rockets superstar Russell Westbrook, who was reported to have tested positive earlier in the day by The Athletic’s fantastic NBA Insider, Shams Charania, who might be the only person not missing ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski while Woj serves his suspension for an ill-advised email last week.

In the late afternoon on Monday Charania reported that Kings center Richaun Holmes had directly breached NBA protocol.

No one is making light of a tough situation, but this is objectively funny. Whether Holmes truly sent out for some food either not considering or not getting the rules, or he was having “something else” delivered, just four days in the walls are starting to crumble along incredibly predictable lines.

Whether or not the NBA is able to pull off actual basketball, the bubble has already been an entertaining social experiment. Is there any reason we can’t just keep these guys living together and string up some Big Brother style cameras to broadcast things 24×7? I’m pretty sure that’s going to be more fun than whatever version of basketball we end up getting.

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