World Series Flasher Julia Rose Arrested For Tampering With The Hollywood Sign

Instagram sensation and entrepreneur Julia Rose is no stranger to publicity stunts. If you don’t remember, she’s the one who famously flashed her boobs behind home plate at the World Series. This time she got arrested for making the Hollywood sign appear to read ‘Hollyboob’. Rose and five men were led off the HOLLYWOOD hillside by Los Angeles police, according to the Hollywood area commander who told the Los Angeles Times that a police helicopter responded to the area as the stunt was underway.

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And just like that, Julia Rose is back in the news during Super Bowl week. “Guys…. I finally fixed the Hollywood Sign 👯‍♀️ #hollyboob,” Rose announced on Instagram before being arrested.

Super Bowl week is typically prime time for publicity stunts, however, Julia Rose may have made a mistake with this one. A similar name, Juliana Carlos is out there going viral for heckling LeBron courtside the Hawks vs Lakers game. LeBron’s tweet went viral, calling Carlos a Courtside Karen.


As for Julia Rose, she and her accomplices were arrested for misdemeanor trespassing. The commander said there was no damage done to the sign. Julia Rose likes to leave little to the imagination on her Instagram posts, but she was actually surprisingly modest with this stunt.

See more of Julia Rose on Instagram below:

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