Alex Smith Opens Up About Contemplating Retirement

Washington Football Team quarterback Alex Smith has nothing left to prove. Against all odds, Smith survived a gruesome leg injury in 2018, and made it all the way back to the NFL. Alex Smith playing under center was undoubtedly the best sports story I saw all year, and he even found a way to win.

While Smith couldn’t play in his team’s playoff game due to injury, he still talked about how much fun he had being back playing the game that he loves this year.

“It’s not the way you want to finish a season,” Smith said via EPN. “To even be in this situation is something that if presented to me a year ago, two years ago, I would have jumped at it.”

Alex Smith went on to say that he’ll need to take some time before he decides if he wants to continue playing.

“I had so much fun this year, to be back in the locker room and on the field to play a game I love and to lose yourself in it is one of the great feelings in the world,” Smith said. “My wife has been through a lot, my family has been through a lot but that’s for another time and place.”

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Washington head coach Ron Rivera opened up on how much Alex Smith meant to him.

“There’s an intangible that some guys have and possess and Alex has it,” Rivera said. “Can it be replaced? You’ll have to find a guy that has that same type of intangible and those guys are special. They only come around once in a while. Alex has that kind of intangible. Part of it is because his experience, the game he played and obviously what he’s gone through.”

Best of luck to Alex Smith on whatever he decides for his future. No matter what, he will always be a legend.

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