Zach Wilson Hilariously References Rumor Of Him And Mom’s Friend

New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson isn’t running from he latest controversy involving him and one of his mom’s friends.

Over the weekend, his ex girlfriend, Abbey Gile, created quite the social media stir when she accused the QB of cheating on her with one of his mom’s friends.

Today, Zach Wilson chimed in to all the controversy.

In a hilarious move, Wilson posted a picture from a recent trip with friends this past weekend before asking his social media followers, “what I miss?”

Zach Wilson appears to have grown accustomed to the drama surrounding his off-the-field life.

Granted he’s the QB of a team in a major market, it kind of comes with the territory, and it’s nice to see him laughing off some of the outside noise.

Jets fans have to be absolutely loving the attitude from Zach Wilson these days.

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