Nick Saban’s Wife Terry Always Gives Him One Piece Of Coaching Advice

Nick Saban has been happily married to his wife, Terry, for over 45 years.

And through his twists and turns during his coaching career, Terry has been by his side. But for the life of her, she can’t understand why Saban doesn’t blitz more during games.

“Miss Terry always wants to blitz more,” Saban said in a recent interview. “I’ve never said this to Miss Terry, but I’m a secondary coach. And secondary coaches who play for coaches who blitz a lot end up sleeping under the bridge and twitching because you’re always putting the backend in a tough situation.”

This isn’t the first time Nick Saban has shared a funny anecdote about his marriage with Terry this year. During a recent charity even, Saban revealed how he beat out another man for Terry back in the day.

The other guy ended up working at a service station near their hometown, and during a recent trip, Saban (being the petty man he is) drove Miss Terry passed the station to show her what he future could have been.

“We drive by his service station and I said, ‘if you would’ve married him, that’s where you’d be now.’ She said, ‘bull****, if I would’ve married him, he’d be the head coach at Alabama now,’” Saban said.

Terry and Nick Saban likely have some more championships to win before it’s time to wind down. But it’d probably help the cause if Nick takes his wife’s advice and sends some more blitzes in there.

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