Urban Meyer Thinks This Is The End Of The Line For Tim Tebow

Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow enjoyed a lot of success together at the college level.

But after Meyer gave Tebow the chance to make the Jacksonville Jaguars as a tight end, the experiment failed, and Tebow was released on Tuesday morning.


At 34-years-old, Tim Tebow has now been passed up as an NFL quarterback, minor league baseball player, and now tight end.

When speaking on the Tebow decision, Urban Meyer was asked if he thinks this is the end of the road for his good friend.

He admitted that it’s likely the last chance Tebow will have to be a professional athlete.

“I would guess it is. We didn’t get that deep with it. Obviously, he’s his own man … elite warrior, elite competitor, but he’s also 34 years old.”

When playing in preseason, it was clear that Tim Tebow wasn’t going to be able to block NFL defensive linemen.

Since the whole “Tebow mania” thing in Denver proved to be a fluke, Tebow has been mocked as a dude who’s just not athletic enough to be a professional athlete.

Now, it looks like he’s finally going to give it up. You can’t say the guy didn’t try like hell to make it work, though.

Sometimes, it not a matter of work ethic. A guy just doesn’t have what it takes to succeed in pro sports. That was the case with Tim Tebow.

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