Meet Connor Williams: The Monster College Basketball Center Stealing The Hearts Of Sports Fans All Over The Country

Connor Williams probably didn’t expect to be a household name.

After all, he’s just a center rom DIII St. John Fisher – which, of course, doesn’t get you much publicity on a daily basis. But after videos started circulating of the 7-foot, 360-pound kid balling out on his opponents, people have fallen in love.

Despite his size, Connor Williams has an uncanny ability to pass and shoot – forcing other teams to keep track of where he is on the floor at all times.

Check out some of his highlights:

Rochester First wrote a profile on Connor Williams – who’s earning his degree in cybersecurity while enjoying dishing it out to his teammates at any given opportunity.

“I was younger, even up until now, I never liked playing with people who wouldn’t pass the ball,” he said. “It’s always frustrating, whether you’re the best player or the worst player, whatever — when you ballhog, it’s really frustrating to the rest of the team.

“Passing the ball, especially for me, since I get double teamed or triple teamed … If there’s two or three people on me, someone’s open and can get a good shot,” he said. “Scoring is great, but I want my team to be successful, so I think that’s more important to me.”

Just to make Connor Williams even more lovable, he’s using his newfound fame as a platform to raise money for charity. He recently took to Instagram to sell t-shirts as well as some other merch. And the proceeds will go towards helping families and athletes in need.

Lets all help Connor Williams out and but a ‘big cozy’ shirt for a great cause!

The kid is a National treasure.

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