NBA Star Punished Over Technical Error on Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of misfortune?

Minnesota Timberwolves player Karl-Anthony Towns and Black-ish star Anthony Anderson competed to raise money for their respective charities on the long running game show.

During one particular three-word “Before and After” puzzle, the Big KAT accidentally repeated a word while attempting to solve, saying, “Martin Short, Short Circuit.”

The technically incorrect answer received a buzzer, and Anderson was quick to demand a turn at the now-obvious puzzle.

Anderson correctly answered, “Martin Short Circuit.”

Host Pat Sajak explained the verdict to Towns, saying, “We have to go by the rules here. You understand that, being in the NBA as you are, where the refs never miss a call.”

It wasn’t all bad for Towns, he did manage to raise $30,000 for the Vera Institute of Justice. Plus he dropped 40 on the same night the show aired.

Nice work Big Kat!

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