Lamar Jackson Rumors: Speculation Grows After QB “Likes” Picture of Himself in Dolphins Uniform

It’s clear that Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is fed up with his organization after negotiations stalled this offseason. And now, he’s letting those frustrations show on social media.

On Monday, Jackson started his cryptic social media afternoon by refuting the notion that he was offered a $250 Million extension this offseason.

“No they didn’t,” he said on Twitter.

After that move, Lamar Jackson created even more speculation. When commenting about his sadness following the Ravens release of veteran safety Tony Jefferson, a Dolphins fan posted a picture of him in a Fins uniform with the caption, “You both can come and cry in a Miami Dolphins uni. Tears of joy when we hoist the [Lombardi].”

Lamar Jackson was quick to “like” the Dolphins fans’ tweet.

Earlier in the offseason, it was reported that Lamar Jackson has no intention of negotiating his expiring contract once the season begins, thus giving the Ravens a deadline of under two weeks to get something done.

“Lamar Jackson said he wants contract extension talks over by Week 1, one way or another. So there’s your deadline,” Ravens writer Jonas Shaffer tweeted out on Aug. 13.

The Ravens QB does not currently have an agent, so he’s been going through this process with the help of his mother and other members of his family.

“He’s trying to negotiate a contract in riddles,” an NFL agent told Ben Standig of The Athletic. “He’s not just being direct and saying what he wants to say. He has no one driving the ship for him right now.”

Regardless of how complicated this process may be, the Ravens have to know they’re screwed if they don’t get something done with Lamar Jackson. And by the looks of it, the former MVP is already fed up.

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