Former Bears Quarterback Gives Response To Aaron Rodgers’ ‘I Own You’ Comments

Former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon knows about the bitter Green Bay Packers rivalry all too well, so he’s probably sick and tired of seeing them lose time-and-time again to Aaron Rodgers in recent years.

Last season, Rodgers made sure to rub in in when repeatedly yelling, “I own you” to Bears fans seated behind the end zone following a TD run.


When making an appearance on “Good Morning America”, Jim McMahon revealed that he had no problem with Aaron Rodgers’ comments, but the 1985 Super Bowl Champ made sure to throw in a Packers dig of his own.

“It’s not surprising,” McMahon said of Rodgers’ claim during an appearance on Good Morning Football. “He has owned the Bears. I don’t know that he’s ever lost to them. When I was with the Bears, I owned the Packers. I think I only lost once to the Packers in all that time. If you play here in Chicago, you’ve got to be able to beat the Packers. If you don’t, you’re going to catch a lot of grief.”

After the historic 1985 season, Jim McMahon and the Bears were hoping to run it back in 1986. But when the “punky QB” was taken out by Packers in Week 7, he suffered a season-ending injury, and the Bears could never recover.

Now, the onus falls on young Justin Fields to get the Bears back to the right side of the rivalry. But given their current rebuild, it might take some time before Chicago can get the last laugh on their hated rivals from the north.

To make matters even worse, Aaron Rodgers inked an extension in the offseason, meaning he’ll be standing in their way for the foreseeable future.

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