Dolphins’ Trade Offer For Tom Brady Has Been Revealed

The Dolphins really wanted Tom Brady.

According to a report by former NFL player Chris Simms, the Miami Dolphins were ready to risk it all to acquire Tom Brady to potentially lead them to a Super Bowl. Brady is all set to play the 2022 season for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but there is still chatter about him possibly going to the Dolphins. Simms reports that the Dolphins were willing to trade a second-round pick to the Buccaneers for Brady, who would be joined by Sean Payton in Miami.

“I was led to believe that it already had been talked about that (the Dolphins) were going to trade a second-round pick to Tampa Bay to get Brady. (The Bucs) weren’t going to hold him hostage,” Simms said. “Sean Payton and the Saints, that was going to be a first-round pick to get that deal done. And yes, the way I was told (it was going to be) Sean Payton head coach, Brady-Bruce Beal part-owner, going to give (Brady) a little time: ‘Oh yeah, I’m retired, but oh wait, I changed my mind, this Dolphins thing’s so good,’ and then come back and play with the Dolphins. That was what the plan was. That’s where the stars were trying to be aligned by Brady and Sean Payton. And of course it got upset by that (lawsuit).”

“The Dolphins broke every rule in the book by pursuing Brady and Sean Payton and all that. But yes, it was a very real, tangible thing, and the Brian Flores lawsuit and everything there definitely threw a wrench in it, a curveball in it, whatever you want to say, and kind of ended it.”

Rumors of Brady potentially joining Miami first surfaced during his 40-day “retirement.”

Simms’ colleague, Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk, recently reported the wheels were in motion for Brady to become a minority owner of the Dolphins, with the franchise ultimately planning to acquire the QB’s rights from the Buccaneers and Payton’s rights from the Saints.

Everything happens for a reason and Brady wasn’t meant to play in Miami.

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