Phillies Fan Was Waiting For Umpire Angel Hernandez At His Car Following Sunday’s Game

With Joe West retired, MLB umpire Angel Hernandez has officially taken the reigns as the most hated ump in the game of baseball. And on Sunday night, Hernandez was up to his old tricks again.

All game, Hernandez was calling obvious pitches outside the zone strikes. Finally in the ninth inning, Phillies outfielder Kyle Schwarber lost his mind on Angel.

After Schwarber got rung up, he threw a whole tirade, resulting in being kicked out of the game.

Fans were absolutely loving it.

After the game ended, a Phillies fan was waiting in the parking lot to send a message.

As Angel Hernandez was pulling out of the garage, the fan filmed himself telling the veteran umpire, “you stink and I don’t like you.”

Angel Hernandez’s performance on Sunday night was rated as the worst home plate umpire performance of the MLB season thus far.

But after all these years, we know the guy just isn’t going to get any better at his job.

We simply have to figure out a way to (at least) make sure that Angel Hernandez and other awful pitch callers don’t draw home plate assignments in the future.

It’s gotten out of hand.

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