Colin Cowherd Likes His Athletes to ‘Be Married to Strong Women’ in Reference to Aaron Rodgers

Colin Cowherd has an interesting take on how he likes his athletes.

 NFL teams usually have a bunch of things they look for when selecting their roster. IfColin Cowherd was in charge, the most important aspect in scouting a quarterback would be their status.  Are they single? Or are they married??  Colin  likes his Pro Athletes to be married to strong women.  

“I like my pro athletes to be married to strong women,” Cowherd declared Thursday on his Fox Sports Radio show. “They call you out on their crap. I got into an argument with a friend not long ago, my wife told me right to my face, ‘be a man, Colin, don’t be passive-aggressive.’ She was right, I was wrong. Had I been single I would’ve become self-absorbed, pointing fingers.”

Out of all the takes Colin Cowherd has spewed out throughout his career, this has to be one of the dumber ones.

There is absolutely zero correlation between winning and being married. Rodgers has had one hell of a career for a guy who doesn’t have a strong women as his wife.

At least now he’s dating a witch.

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