Antonio Brown Reveals His Plans if He’s Going to Play Football Next Season

Antonio Brown is currently a free agent looking for a team.

Based off his history with every team he’s ever played for, taking a flyer on someone like Antonio Brown can be an extremely risky proposition. There is tons of upside when Antonio is behaving and doing what he does best, but he’s also a major liability. And the way he left the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is probably not going to help his case.

The controversial wide receiver was asked about his plans for next season during an appearance at a Fan Controlled Football league game.

Brown sounded like a guy who is finally coming to terms that his career may be over:

“Nah, don’t play yourself looking to me to play.”

Watch below:

Antonio says whatever comes to his mind. Tomorrow he might be interested in playing, but it sounds like no one is calling for his services, and this is his way of breaking up  with the NFL when he’s already been dumped.

Sorry AB, you played yourself.

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