Aaron Rodgers Claims Hallucinogenic ‘Ayahuasca is ‘Not a Drug,’ Says He May be ‘Called’ to It Again

Aaron Rodgers is drinking his own Ayahuasca kool aid.

Aaron Rodgers’ weekly appearances on “The Pat McAfee Show” during the 2021 was all about COVID-19. This season, there’s a new topic on the mind of Rodgers. The Green Bay Packers QB revealed on podcasts this offseason that he used the plant-based psychedelic, and credited it for his two most recent MVP seasons.  And interest only increased after Packers players led by wide receiver Allen Lazard held  a celebration in the end zone during the team’s win over the Bears on Sunday night that appeared to pay homage to their quarterback’s favorite drug of choice.

Lazard used the football as if he was pouring a drink into the players’ hands and then they acted like they had a reaction to it, some falling to the ground.

Rodgers elaborated on the celebration and went on, in his own words, “a small tangent” about why he claims ayahuasca isn’t a drug and why it shouldn’t get a bad rap.

Rodgers said, “Allen kind of spread that to the rest of the guys so I was aware they were doing something.”

And when he saw what they were doing on Sunday Rodgers “just wanted to get over there and get involved.”

Rodgers explained that when his teammates were doing that particular celebration he wanted to make sure he wasn’t “sending the wrong message” about ayahuasca.

“You’re not standing up drinking, having this Jesus revival, slaying in the spirit. It’s not like that.

“You don’t have some immediate pass out into oblivion.”

McAfee asked Rodgers about ayahuasca and referenced it as a drug, Rodgers immediately stopped the host to clarify things.

He said labeling ayahuasca, like marijuana, or other plant-based substances, as a drug is a “manipulative word” that adds biases to them.

“Ayahuasca is not a drug,” Rodgers emphatically said. “It has properties in it that have hallucinogenic abilities. But it’s not a drug. We’re talking about plants here.

“It’s a very important point to make. This is how words are created in society to create a certain bias against certain things. I do think it’s important to go on this ridiculous tangent how words are used to create bias. Those biases create fears and those fears prevent people from doing their own research or having their own idea and truth in a situation.”

Plants have been used as drugs for thousands of years, and the fact that it changes the way you perceive things definitely qualifys it as a drug in my mind.

Keep drinking that kool aid Rodgers.

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