LeBron, Anthony Davis Reportedly Taking New Positions Next Season

LeBron James is at the point of his career he’ll  do just about anything to help his team win. In a report Bleacher Report, it’s been revealed by agent Rich Paul that LeBron and AD will be moving to the 4 and the 5 positions next season. Many Lakers fans have been begging for AD to play at the 5 full-time, but Anthony Davis hasn’t been all that into being a true Center.

So LeBron will be the 4, with AD in the 5.


See the report below:

This is most likely because Russell Westbrook will take command of the offense.

The Lakers will enter the season as the oldest team in the NBA, we’ll see how all the roles shake out once the season begins.

LeBron will be 37 years old, maybe it’s time for him to give up a little control for a change.

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