Tom Brady Declares That He Can Play Until He’s 50

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is still lighting it up at the ripe age of 44-years-old.

The GOAT’s retirement status has been a big topic of conversation, though. And in the past, Brady has indicated that he’ll evaluate whether he wants to continue playing when his contract with the Bucs expires following next season.

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But during a little joking segment with tight end Rob Gronkowski, Tom Brady answered that, yes, he thinks he can continue playing until he’s 50.

“I don’t find it so difficult. And plus, Florida is sorta a retire-y state, so I feel like I can play and then just guide into retirement. I think I can. It’s a yes,” Brady said.

Yeah, Tom Brady was probably just playing into Gronk’s hands during a whimsical segment. But is it really out of question that he could continue playing for another six years?

The guy has perhaps taken care of his body better than other other athlete ever, and still dominates games in the NFL like we saw during Week One against the Cowboys.

Tom Brady might have no intention of playing until he’s 50. But who are we to say what he can or can’t do at this point?

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