Vikings Cornerback Patrick Peterson Slams Unvaccinated NFL Players

While some athletes choosing not to take the COVID vaccine have been vocal about their thoughts and beliefs, Minnesota Vikings cornerback Patrick Peterson has a different take.

Peterson talked about why he chose to get vaccinated on the All Things Covered, and shared his belief that any player who won’t take the shot is screwing over their team.


“If, you’re not vaccinated, you’re just living in a different world. Why put yourself at risk of going through that again. Everybody has their different views on the (vaccine),” Patrick Peterson said. “But at the end of the day if we all in this in trying to win a championship and there’s a very small percentage of those shots affecting people, why not put yourself in the best position possible to win a championship if that’s what you have a desire of doing.”

It was reported today that unvaccinated NFL players might not be paid if they were to miss time because they tested positive for COVID-19. Whereas player who get the vaccine will be paid regardless.

Patrick Peterson’s comments come shortly after Cole Beasley ripped the NFLPA for allowing the NFL to restrict players who choose not to get vaccinated.

While Beasley has been a poster boy (of sorts) for the unvaccinated players, he is now saying that he’s done talking on the subject.

Cole Beasley and Patrick Peterson are proving that the NFL is full of people who think and behave differently.

It’ll be interesting to see if vaccinated players take issue with unvaccinated teammates once their decisions could affect rules and protocols for the entire team.

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