Ben Askren Weighs In On Tyron Woodley’s Chances Vs. Jake Paul

The first UFC fighter who went in the boxing ring against Youtuber Jake Paul was Ben Askren, and he got brutally embarrassed during the bout.


The next man up for Jake Paul is Ben Askren’s former UFC teammate, Tyron Woodley.

Askren threw a little shade at Paul when discussing how he feels the fight is going to go for Woodley. And added that he would ‘feel much better’ if Paul somehow finds a way to win.

“I’m still not under the conclusion that (Jake) is a good boxer,” Ben Askren said via Middle Easy. “He hit me one time really good, but it wasn’t like he beat me soundly over six rounds. He does hit hard, I guess we’ll give him credit for that.”

“If he’s able to beat Tyron, I will probably feel much better about what happened to me, because I’ll think damn, Tyron’s really good. I think that’s probably unlikely, but in that case, that’s probably what I’d think.”

While the Ben Askren fight didn’t have too many fireworks before the fight, things got dicey between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley during the pre-fight presser on Thursday.

Let’s hope things go a little bit better for Tyron Woodley than it did for Ben Askren against Jake Paul.

I think the vast majority of fans want to see this kid get taken down a notch in one of these fights.

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