Bill Belichick Not a Fan of Talk Radio Questions

Talk radio is a way for fanatics to connect with their team. It’s the lifeblood of a team’s fanbase in certain cities. Bill Belichick is clearly not a fan. In a scenario where the Patriots drop three games below .500, they might be making moves.

According to Sports Illustrated‘s Albert Breer, the Pats have told other teams ahead of the Nov. 3 trade deadline “they’d listen” to offers for “almost anyone,” indicating a full-on rebuild is at least in consideration.

Bill Belichick was asked about this. His response was pretty typical Bill.

Dry and sarcastic.


See below:

Remember kids, Just Say No to Talk Radio Questions.

Of course Belichick doesn’t want to talk about how average the Patriots are without Tom Brady.  I wouldn’t count out the Evil Genius just yet. You just never know what he has up his sleeve.

Oh yea, he hates sleeves.

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