Warriors Chant F-Bombs in Locker Room After Winning NBA Championship

For Draymond Green, the NBA Finals was an up an down adventure.

His up-and-down performances generated a soundtrack in Game 3 from the Boston crowd of F U Chants. Following their NBA clinching win, the tune was the same but the mood changed.

Golden State Warriors were changing “FU** YOU DRAYMOND” & “FU** DRAYMOND” after winning the title, mocking Celtics fans’ chant earlier in the series.

Watch below:

Draymond was criticized during the Finals for talking about the series on his podcast and hit back saying he’d still continue to record episodes and made a promise that the Warriors would win it all.

The Warriors  took over Game 6 with a 21-0 run in the first half. It was the longest unanswered run in the Finals in the last 50 years.

F U Draymond on another chip.

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