Kyrie Explains to Celtics Fans Why He Couldn’t Trash Talk During Game 2

Kyrie Irving was on his best behavior in Game 2 in their playoff series against the Celtics.

Interestingly enough, Kyrie Irving had a real stinker of a game, he only dropped 10-points in Game 2. Kyrie made a point following Game 1 to say he wasn’t going to back down, and he’d give back the same energy he was getting from Celtics fans. Irving was fined $50,000 for flipping the middle finger during Sunday’s wild affair at the TD Garden.

Apparently there was a valid reason behind Irving’s sudden change in behavior. While on the court Kyrie let it be known.

Watch below:

Kyrie and the Nets return to Brooklyn’s Barclays Center for Game 3 this weekend.

We’ll see if he keeps that same energy, but obviously the crowd will be a lot less hostile towards him on his home court.

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