Andy Reid Thinks Rule That Helped Chiefs Should Be Scrapped

Is Andy Reid a fan of the overtime rule?

The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Buffalo Bills in a crazy overtime battle on Sunday night, one that will likely go down as one of the best games ever played in the history of the NFL.

Kansas City, though, ended the divisional round playoff game in overtime after winning the coin toss and scoring right away. This sparked major outrage across the web.

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid weighed in on the OT rule:

“I had a chance to talk with [Bills coach Sean McDermott] afterward, and that I’m sure is something they’re going to look at again too,” Reid said Monday, via The Associated Press. “And I wouldn’t be opposed to it, it’s a hard thing. It was great for us last night, but is it great for the game which is probably the most important thing we should all be looking out for?

“To make things equal, it probably needs to be able to hit both offenses, both defenses.”

Either way the game is over and the Chiefs are headed back to the AFC championship game.

Will this legendary game force the NFL to change the OT rule?

Most likely.

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