Tristan Thompson Claps Back At Reporter Who Claims His Teammates Don’t Like Him

The Boston Celtics’ season has definitely had its ups and downs. The team has greatly underachieved expectations. However, they still sit at seventh in the Eastern Conference with a .500 record. The last thing this team needs is off the court drama. Unfortunately, that is exactly what one reporter is trying to stir up. The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor and Chris Vernon of The Mismatch podcast caused a bit of a stir by claiming Tristan Thompson isn’t liked in the locker room in Boston.

While the original report came from Veron, it was O’Connor that got under Tristan Thompson’s skin.


“That guy, Kevin O’Connor — I don’t know if I should mention his name or not, because he doesn’t deserve my two cents, but I remember every name because I am like an elephant,” Thompson said. “So, with him saying I’m not liked in the locker room, that was funny, because that’s not the case.”

“I’m used to it,” Thompson added. “Why not mention my name? Especially with our team going through and up-and-down season like everyone is trying to say. So it makes sense to point out one of the better guys. But [Jaylen Brown] and Kemba [Walker] came in and had their tweet. Kemba doesn’t ever tweet and he tweeted that, and JB came and did the same thing. That guy just wanted clickbaits. You’re welcome, Kevin O’Connor, for using my name. Got you some more hits and some retweets.”

According to Tristan Thompson, he is well-liked around the NBA.

“I’ve got a pretty good rapport in this league,” Thompson said. “So I’m not going to let some guy with Twitter fingers try to bring down what I’ve built. Good attempt, Mr. O’Connor. But I’m Teflon steel. You can’t bring me down like that. I’m too blessed.”

Hopefully, this is something Tristan Thompson can just drown out and not let bother him. The Celtics certainly don’t need any other distractions in their locker room. The rant was nice, but Thompson’s focus should be on helping his team contend for a playoff spot.

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