Troll Slides Into Russell Westbrook DM’s To Share Raps About Lakers Struggles

The Los Angeles Lakers old men experiment isn’t going exactly as planned.

There are a number of reasons why it hasn’t gone as planned, but there’s no doubt who is taking most of the blame for their failures, Russell Westbrook.

While Westbrook has always been a volume shooter, his style of play isn’t impressing Lakers fans.

“Trade Westbrook” has appeared in Twitter’s trending section multiple times.

Now we have this message, in the form of a hilarious rap. The troll wrote an entire rap song about Westbrook’s struggles and then slid it into Brodie’s Instagram DMs.

Listen below:

After going viral for his Westbrook rap, the creator – who’s Instagram handle is @enigma.j7 – wrote one for the entire Lakers team.

Some people love when things aren’t going well for some.

You probably won’t be hearing any raps if the Lakers actually can turn things around.

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