Steph Curry Weighs in on Russell Westbrook’s Death Threats, Situation With Lakers

Russell Westbrook is having a season he’d like to forget in Los Angeles.

Steph Curry recently spoke to Chris Haynes about Westbrook’s issues, and as he explained, he has tremendous respect for Russ.

The Golden State Warriors guard noted that he likes how Russ is handling these issues, and that the Lakers superstar is the ultimate professional.

“I told him when we played them in L.A. a couple of days ago that I respect how he’s handled the whole year just in terms of everything he’s been saying and how he’s been handling himself and protecting his family,” Curry said. “It is the nature of the beast. And in a certain perspective, they build you up to break you down. The real ones who have done amazing things in this league know what that means. He’s a professional, and I’m proud of the way he’s conducting himself and I’m there for him.”

Curry also touched on the unfortunate death threats against Westbrook and his family. Understandably, Curry is appalled by the things fans say sometimes, and he wants Russ to know that the NBA world is beyond him right now.

“The fan perspective, it is kind of B.S. when it crosses the line in terms of attacking somebody personally, their name, and not keeping it to just basketball,” Curry said. “That’s why we’re all here is because of basketball. But at the end of the day, you have to do what you have to do to speak up for yourself and also understand that the guys that know what’s going on in this league respect the type of player he is. Russ definitely has my support.”

The one thing about Russ is he always tries his hardest.

Hard to fault a guy who goes as hard as he does. Props to Steph for sticking up for Westbrook.

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