Shaq Sends a Stern Message to Kyrie Irving Over Vaccination

The NBA world is always talking about Kyrie Irving for one reason or another, the latest being his stance on vaccinations. Specifically his unwillingness to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Not getting the vaccine for Kyrie means possibly missing up to 41 games, if not more. Kyrie wants everyone to respect his privacy in the  matter, and he’s not about to share details on why he doesn’t want to receive the vaccine.

Shaq however disagrees with Kyrie, he feels if Kyrie took the $200 million dollar contract, his privacy is gone.

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He also has a stern message for anyone who is going to have to miss half the games.

Watch Shaq explain below:

Shaq makes some great points without judging Kyrie on his decision not to get the vaccine.

It’s all about winning for Shaq, at any cost necessary.

Kyrie doesn’t come across like he cares that much about winning…

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