Ryan Clark Goes After Christopher “Mad Dog” Russo During “First Take”

ESPN loves to pin two of their personalities against each other in a debate atmosphere, but perhaps Ryan Clark and Christopher “Mad Dog” Russo too it a bit too far on “First Take” today.

It all started when the two personalities were arguing about whether or not Rams receiver Cooper Kupp was on a Hall of Fame track.

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One thing led to another, and all of the sudden, Ryan Clark was lamenting Christopher Russo’s questionable history as a Heisman Trophy voter.

Check out the whole back and forth below:

“Stop screaming at me, bruh,” Clark demanded on First Take. “That’s the last time,” he warned.

Ryan Clark is the last on a long line of ESPN employees who have gotten fed up with media personalities such as Christopher Russo.

It definitely adds to the luster of the network when prominent former players join forces with the debate artists on these shows. But a lot of the time, they get extremely emotional to the point where two employees now might have an issue working together.

Since ESPN removed Max Kellerman from “First Take”, Christopher Russo has been a constant guest alongside Stephen A. Smith. And even though fans disagree with many of his hot takes, Mad Dog’s boisterous personality seems to have the station satisfied with their ratings.

Still, you would hope that cooler heads can prevail between Christopher “Mad Dog” Russo and Ryan Clark before they’re scheduled to join each other on the airwaves again.

We’ll see if these guys continue to have issues in the future.

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