Kelly Oubre Wins Battle With James Harden For Instagram Model Shylynnita

Kelly Oubre and James Harden have been messin’ with the same girl, a la Usher and R Kelly, and Oubre has officially won the battle. Oubre posted a video on Instagram of model, and new girlfriend, Shylynnita, confirming that the two have made things official.

James Harden might be a better player on the court than Oubre, but when it comes to the DMs, Oubre appears to have a better shooting percentage. The beef between Oubre and Harden over Shylynnita goes back to the offseason. Oubre was staying at his place in Phoenix (where he plays for the Suns), while Harden was in Arizona training for the upcoming season. Oubre reportedly took Shy (Harden’s girlfriend at the time) to Cali for a little getaway and it did not go over well with Harden. Harden and Oubre had a back and forth on Instagram regarding the two’s Cali venture, but it is no longer viewable as Harden deleted his IG account to focus on basketball.

I think the best part of this story is the way Harden received the news his then-girlfriend was cheating on him with Oubre. Harden suspected something fishy was going on when he was throwing a party at his house in Arizona and all of the sudden his girlfriend Shy, who had been staying with him, was nowhere to be found. When he found out that she was courting another baller he apparently attempted to shut down the entire party. Anyone who knows anything about Harden knows that he is no stranger to the party scene, so him being the one to put a damper on a good time with the ladies clearly indicates how big of a deal it was. I mean, I wouldn’t want another dude taking my girlfriend to Cali either, especially one that I competed against on a professional platform.

James Harden is living proof of what a good beard can do for a man’s level of attractiveness. Having said that, neither the beard nor the bills were enough for Shylynnita to want to be Harden’s girlfriend. The one thing Harden does have going for him is that clubs are still closed, so he shouldn’t have any temptation to leave the bubble in Orlando when the 2020 NBA season resumes in July.

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