Nick Wright Fires Back At Kyrie Irving After Being Called A ‘Puppet’ Over Trade Report

When FS1’s Nick Wright came out with a report that Kyrie Irving was nixing any efforts by the Nets to trade him by saying that he was willing to retire, Irving was quick to react.

Kyrie took to social media to bash Nick Wright, calling him a “puppet” over the report.


But after Kyrie Irving has reportedly put his playing time in jeopardy by refusing the COVID vaccine, he also opted against speaking on the matter during his IG live media day availability on Monday.

After a fan wrote to Nick Wright that he was likely right about his Kyrie Irving report, Wright saw the perfect opportunity to bash the Nets point guard.

While the beef between Nick Wright and Kyrie Irving feels weirdly personal, it is starting the look like there was truth behind the trade report.

It’s still unclear if Kyrie will be allowed to play in home games this season due to a vaccine mandate in New York. But if the Nets want to remain championship favorites, they’ll hope their point guard has this whole situation worked out.

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