NFL Responds To Aaron Rodgers’ Wild Comments On “The Pat McAfee Show”

Aaron Rodgers has found himself dominating tabloids yet again after going on “The Pat McAfee Show” on Friday to discuss why he’s unvaccinated.


In one of his many controversial comments, Aaron Rodgers claimed that he was originally told by a doctor that if he were vaccinated he couldn’t get or spread the virus – which obviously would be false.

When Pro Football Talk reached out to the NFL about this specific comment, the league made sure to mention that no doctor they’re affiliated with would have said this to the Packers quarterback.

Because Aaron Rodgers is unvaccinated he will now be in jeopardy of missing more than just this Sunday’s game against the Chiefs.

After the fans’ outcry, the league has said they’re looking into the possibility of a protocol breach by the Packers.

All season long, Aaron Rodgers has been seen on the sidelines and in press conferences without a mask on, while other unvaccinated players around the league have been forced to wear the face covering.

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