NFL Offers Explanation On Controversial Taunting Call On Bears’ Cassius Marsh During MNF

Very few people knew who Bears linebacker Cassius Marsh was prior to Monday night. But thanks to a controversial moment late in the game against the Steelers, now everyone is debating about the longtime practice squad member.

Late in the game, Marsh got home on Ben Roethlisberger, which would have forced a punt. But after celebrating and looking over at the Steelers’ sidelines, Marsh was flagged by official Tony Corrente for taunting.


Cassius Marsh was adamant that he did not taunt, and even felt like he was “hip-checked” by Corrente on his way to the sidelines. However, the NFL is standing by the decision to throw the penalty flag there.


The NFL even released a video explanation on why Cassius Marsh was correctly penalized by Tony Corrente.

After the game, Cassius Marsh spoke on how he felt Tony Corrente was acting inappropriately.

“On my way to the sideline, I got hip-checked by the ref. It’s pretty clear,” Marsh said after the game. “If I was to do that to a ref or even touch a ref, we get kicked out of the game and possibly suspended and fined. I just think that that was incredibly inappropriate.”

You be the judge, was what Cassius Marsh did on Monday worth a penalty?

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