Steph Curry, Wife Ayesha Allegedly Choosing Sides in Dell, Sonya Divorce

Team Sonya or Team Dell? That’s the big question on Twitter.  This week love took a shot to the heart after it was revealed Steph Curry’s parents are divorcing. The sports world was completely shell shocked by news of the divorce of Steph Curry’s parents, Sonya and Dell Curry. Adding more fuel to the firestorm, both Sonya and Dell have both accused each other of cheating.

It was later revealed Sonya reportedly had an affair with a former Patriots player:

Now word on the street is, Steph and his wife Ayesha are choosing sides.

And apparently they’re both on Team Sonya.

A family friend of the Curry’s explained:

“[Steph] has a special relationship with his mother, and so he’s supporting her.”

The insider added:

“[Steph’s] relationship with his father is strained after this. He’s disappointed that [Dell] would put all their family business out there, and he doesn’t believe the accusations against his mother.”

The insider continued: insider had more to say,

“Ayesha is really [disgusted] with [Dell] and how he’s handling the split.”

Divorce isn’t easy on children, but Dell and Sonya’s children are all grown up. Hopefully they won’t have to choose sides, but it sounds like it’s going down that road already. Especially with all the mudslinging already taking place.

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