LeBron James Has A Message For Anyone Who Wants To Doubt Him After First Round Exit

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James isn’t used to losing in the playoff. And he DEFINITELY isn’t used to losing in the first round of said playoffs.

So when the Lakers were knocked off by the surging Suns in their playoff series, many were stunned. Obviously, some fans are starting to question whether or not 36-year-old LeBron James can still carry a team through the postseason.


LeBron has heard his haters, and now he’s putting the entire league on notice. James used a clip from the movie “Gladiator” to share his feelings.

“PROMISE YOU I WILL. Count me out if you want too!” LeBron James wrote along with the clip that promises ‘vengeance’.

LeBron James’s Lakers had a lot of injury issues throughout the season, including when big man Anthony Davis couldn’t go at the end of the Suns series.

I’d expect the Lakers to continue to improve their roster around James, and come back even stronger next season.

I still think it would be borderline insane to count LeBron James out.

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