Kyrie Irving, Nick Wright Beef Over Retirement Report

Brooklyn Nets superstar Kyrie Irving is not looking to be traded, he’s adamant that if he was traded off the Nets, he’d rather retire than play on another team according to Fox Sports’ Nick Wright. Nick Wright of Fox Sports took to Twitter to relay the message to teams that would maybe try to acquire Kyrie via a Trade.

Kyrie responded to Nick Wright’s tweet, and basically called the NBA reporter a Puppet.

Nick Wright responded to Kyrie’s dig at him, and doubled down on his initial tweet/report:

That seems pretty telling.

Irving has previously discussed retiring relatively early. Maybe he actually would retire if traded.

But it sounds more like a threat than reality.

All of this is moot considering the Nets GM has said on record that he hopes to sign Kyrie to an extension.

Kyrie needs to just shut up and play a full season.

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