Kyrie Irving Launches Consulting Firm To Support Underrepresented Businesses

Kyrie Irving and KAI Family Enterprise announced the organization of KAI Eleven Consulting, LLC (KAI 11 Consulting), a business consulting firm created to help underrepresented entrepreneurs across a multitude of industries. The Nets guard left us with this statement:


“We must give our people the proper resources and stewardship for them to win beyond traditional investment vehicles. This is not only essential to closing the wealth gap, but it also fosters a more unified, empowered, and liberated society.”

“Traditional business growth opportunities have disproportionately excluded various minorities, tremendously limiting access and creating mistrust,” Irving said in a statement. “KAI Eleven Consulting’s business model seeks to provide a more equitable process that eliminates systemic barriers to entry.”

Kyrie’s first investment includes $500,000 in seed money for Fleeting, an Atlanta-based, black-owned commercial trucking company that has committed to hiring women and people who were formerly incarcerated.

You have to respect Kyrie for trying to give back.

He may be a diva, but he’s a very generous thoughtful diva.

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