LeBron James Reacts: Viral Video Of Pee Wee Football Coach Hitting Child Twice

NBA superstar LeBron James has no tolerance for coaches abusing their players. That appears to go double when those players are children. Over the past two days, a video of a pee wee football coach striking his player has been circulating the web.

LeBron James has seen this video, and he took to social media to call out the coach for this disgusting act.

Get in Some Sideaction:

“Ain’t no way! Couldn’t be my kid,” LeBron posted. “If I there and it’s not even my kid we gone have more than words for sure.”

I’m with LeBron here, if that’s my kid, I’m going down there. I think that’s one of the many reasons this video is so disturbing, nobody intervenes to stop the coach of popping this poor kid. Of all the parents, assistant coaches, and refs in attendance somebody has to get this man away from that kid.

I hope this man never gets to work with children for the rest of his life. He should also be seriously investigated for assault on the young child.

LeBron James is spot on with his take on this one. You don’t need to be an NBA superstar to know that something needs to be done about this abusive coach.

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