Kevin Durant Admits He ‘Had a Beef’ With Kobe

The NBA brotherhood has a hierarchy. The older top dogs are always running the league, but the young guns, some of them come in looking to knock the vets off their pedestals. Kevin Durant knows this all too well. When he was a young star in the league, he had beefs with some older players. One player he had issues with was Kobe Bryant. Ironically, Kobe didn’t even know Durant had beef with him. KD explained the beef history on The ETCs with Kevin Duran‪t‬ podcast:

“I felt like I had a beef with Kobe Bryant but he didn’t even know I had this beef — as you get older you look at these guys as just sharpening you and making you better.

…. When Bron goes to score 50 points or James Harden has 60 points, I’m looking at … how can I top it just to be better … how can I maintain that level I was on too — it’s a healthy competition.”

What doesn’t make sense is KD deciding to play for the Warriors to win a few championships.

If he really was old school in his mentality, he would have stuck things out in OKC. Had he won there, the respect factor for him would be through the roof.

No one cares when you win being part of an All-Star team. Kobe played his entire career with one team. Unfortunately they don’t make em like they used to. . .

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