Brooklyn Nets Release Statement on Kevin Durant, Agree to Move Forward With Their ‘Partnership’

Looks like Kevin Durant won’t be going anywhere after all.

Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets partnership appeared all but over. The former NBA MVP signed a four-year extension last offseason, but he eventually lost trust with the organization, leading to his desire to leave the franchise, and requesting a trade out of town. On SiriusXM NBA Radio, Yahoo Sports insider Chris Haynes speculated about why KD and the Nets are at odds, saying:

“I believe KD felt like a promise was broken. Somewhere along the line, I think KD thought a promise was broken. He was the first one who committed to the team long-term, he did the four-year extension. Somewhere along the way, something happened to where he felt like a promise was broken.”

Haynes added:

“That’s where the lack of trust began to seep in. Now, I don’t know if that pertains to Kyrie for the promise being broken. I don’t know if that pertains to James Harden, whatever he went through.”

After the former MVP requested a trade, the Brooklyn Nets held steady, retaining their steep asking price. After failing to find a suitable trade partner for Durant’s services, now all parties have agreed to move forward with each other.

The Brooklyn Nets just released a statement on Durant, they are not going to be trading him, instead focusing on basketball.

“Steve Nash and I, together with Joe Tsai and Clara Wu Tsai, met with Kevin Durant and Rich Kleiman in Los Angeles yesterday. We have agreed to move forward with our partnership.  We are focusing on basketball, with one collective goal in mind: build a long lasting franchise to bring a championship to Brooklyn. “

See the announcement below:

Looks like the Nets strategy has paid off, they never seemed all that interested in moving Durant in the first place.

Plus they do have a contract for the next four years with KD.

Time to enforce the contract.

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