Ndamukong Suh Called For Awful Taunting Call On Matthew Stafford

Tampa Bay Buccaneers DT Ndamukong Suh was flagged for a taunting call after pointing and yelling at Matthew Stafford following a play in the first quarter of the divisional round Sunday.

Suh was flagged after he got up yelling and pointing at Los Angeles Rams QB Matthew Stafford.

These refs need to chill. It’s been a constant theme of the year for the NFL; players receiving taunting calls for pretty low level stuff.

Apparently, Suh was yelling at Stafford because he felt like he was kicked by the QB.

Here is the play in question.

You can see that when Suh rolled over the QB that Stafford’s leg goes get extended, but there is no way that Stafford gave him a kick.

You can even hear Suh in the background of the call saying “you see him kick me”.

Media personnel and fans from across the league voiced their displeasure with the refs calling a flag on Suh.

It was quite entertaining to see as the two were former teammates in Detroit from 2010-2014.

It was also entertaining to see social media have a couple laughs at Suh’s expense considering Suh is known for his kicking ability.

Stafford and the Rams currently lead Suh and the Bucs 17-3 late in the 2nd quarter.

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