Joe Burrow Nicknames: From “Joe Sheisty” To “Joe Brrrr” Check Out All The Star QB’s Monikers

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow is on top of the sports world right now. And with all the added fame, comes a hell of a lot of nicknames.

Since wowing the sports world at LSU, to becoming a bonafide superstar with the Bengals, Burrow has picked up his fair share of nicknames. Let’s take a look at some of them, along with their origins.

Joe Burrow Nicknames

Joe Sheisty

Joe Burrow’s “Joe Sheisty” nickname appears to have come from the TikTok Account “Traphouse Sports”, which posts funny videos about athletes and is growing into one of the top sports TikTok accounts in the world.

The TikTok account also came up with Joe Burrow’s “Joe Brrr” nickname.

Joe Cool

This one is pretty easy to get behind, but not the first time it’s been used on an NFL quarterback. Both Joe Montana and Joe Flacco have been deemed “Joe Cool” at some point during their careers.

Joey Franchise

This one is pretty self explanatory. When a phenom gets picked first overall in a draft (like Burrow was), they’re often referred to as “The Franchise”, and Burrow got this one slapped on his name shortly after he was selected by the Bengals.

Smokin’ Joe

Former heavyweight boxer Joe Frazier was the first athlete referred to as “Smoking Joe”. But it fits with Joe Burrow due to his ritual of smoking cigars after big games. Burrow was first seen smoking a cigar after winning the National Championship with LSU in 2019.

Tiger King

Based on the popular Netflix doucuseries most of us watched during quarantine, Joe Burrow was given the “Tiger King” label after becoming the captain and leader of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Joe Chill

Similarly to “Joe Cool”, Joe Chill references Joe Burrow’s overall demeanor. But specifically, Burrow has created quite the reputation for himself for his ability to stay calm under pressure — and show up in the biggest of moments.

Joey B

This one is also pretty self-explanatory. And it seems like Joe Burrow himself may have came up with this nickname from his days as a young athlete. Joey B is easy to say, rolls off the tongue.

Jackpot Joey

This one describes what Joe Burrow has meant to the Cincinnati Bengals organization. Prior to landing Burrow in the NFL Draft, the Bengals franchise was down in the dumps, with no hope for a bright future. On the day they hit the “jackpot” — landing Burrow in the draft — everything changed.

All the lights will be shining on Joe Burrow for Super Bowl 56 this Sunday. And I’m sure we’ll hear some of these nicknames several times throughout the broadcast of the Big Game.

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