Paige Spiranac Reveals She’s No Longer Married

Paige Spiranac may just be single.

The Instagram golfing beauty keeps her work life very separate from her private life, which is why we never see her being linked to anybody. Apparently Paige was married back in 2018 to personal trainer Steven Tinoco.

Now Paige is coming clean, admitting to being divorced.

Via NY Post:

“Paige Spiranac briefly opened up about her relationship status.

During an Instagram Q&A on Monday, the golf influencer addressed her past when a fan asked if she is currently married.

“I do get this question a lot so I do want to address it. I was married,” Spiranac said. “I am no longer married and if you could just respect my privacy it would mean a lot to me.” “

“I met him at the start of my career, so we have done this entire thing together,” Spiranac told The Post in June 2020.

So we’re not entirely sure if Paige is single, but we do know for sure she’s no longer married.

So single guys out there you may just have a shot.

You know what to do.

Check out more of the Golfing beauty below:

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