Ja Morant’s Daughter Had An Extremely Wholesome Reaction To His Injury On Thursday

Memphis Grizzlies fans everywhere collectively held their breath when star point guard Ja Morant came up limp while trying to drive to the lane on Thursday night.

Check out the scary non-contact injury:


While grizzlies fans undoubtedly upset to see their best player in pain, Ja Morant’s young daughter, Kaari, was filmed watching her dad in pain. She clearly knows her dad all too well because immediately the young girl deemed “Dad OK” before announcing that he was getting up on his own power.

Ja Morant loved his daughter’s reaction.

Ja Morant admitted that he needs to be a little more careful to avoid a serious injury after the game.

“Just a bad step. I had some pain in my hip….,” Morant said postgame. “all good…just got to save me from myself.”

For now, it appears as thought the Grizzlies dodged a bullet with Ja not facing any type of serious injury. But perhaps they’ll sit him out a game or two just to make sure.

We’ll see if Ja Morant is available when Memphis takes on the red-hot Chicago Bulls on Saturday night.

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