‘Inside The NBA’ Crew Brought Out A Snake To Terrify Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley and the “Inside The NBA” crew has been entertaining (as usual) all postseason long, and they were at it again on Wednesday night.

Barkley has made his fear of snakes very well known. He has also create quite the buzz every time he hits his “guaranteed” button when talking about which team he thinks is going to win. Sir Charles was so confident that the Denver Nuggets would cover +6 on Thursday against the Suns, that he hit the button.


Immediately after slapping the button, the TNT crew came out with flashing lights to celebrate. Charles Barkley initially started having a good time with the whole show surrounding his “guarantee.” But after he realized someone from the crew had a snake, his mood changed.

Charles Barkley then got up off of his seat in fear of the large snake they brought out onto the set.

Sure enough, Charles Barkley’s guarantee ended up not happening. Chris Paul and the Suns dominated the Nuggets to take a commanding 2-0 lead in the series.

Honestly, we should all probably be fading Charles Barkley every single time he slaps that guaranteed button. Maybe the snake ended up being a bad omen for his bet.

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